ITS – Information Technology Services

While the wood in our stem is made of solid FTS capabilities and our branches reach out to the open BPS skies, we can't deny our roots: Information technology flows through everything we do and build, just as water does through a tree; since established in 1993. Our IT Services therefore  concentrate in  3 areas of delivery:
  1. Secure communication and collaboration concepts and solutions for and with our FTS clients

  2. Seeding application concepts and building scalable sourcing solutions for our BPS area

  3. Providing IT Service Management consultancy and IT Project Management capabilities to selected BPE business partners

Our expertise focuses mainly on all aspects of IT operations (OPS) and IT Service Management (ITSM) across the lifecycle of all ITIL® de-facto standard processes.
  • IT Service Management  Consulting
    BPE ist the right choice if you have processes that require high-end, longstanding and proven expertise in the areas of agile ITSM or ISO 20.000 advisory.

  • IT Project Management Services
    BPE is the right partner if you have complex projects across the globe that need to be succesfully managed.

  • IT Sourcing Service Advisory
    BPE is the right address if you are looking for sourcing competence.
If your organisation can profit from an IT partnership with us, then send us your project proposal or ask for project references from our back-office team. We will assign a qualified IT expert to your request.