BPS – Business Project Services

Our company name does not come by chance. There is only the ONE Blue Planet.

BPE believes that we need to change or enhance the way humanity is living and doing business so far. Therefore, we sign-up for a new economy based on positive, sustainable socio-ecological impact geared to
  1. empower people to implement new business ideas, and then help

  2. restore or protect the planet, whilst

  3. not only focussing on ROI or profit alone.

We invest our effort and proceeds of FTS in promoting, planing and implementing new ventures based on our PPP-Model and Think Full Circle assessment methods. Forging new PPP-enabled enterprises demands BPE to activate the full range of its process-driven and method-based capabilities, where required:
  • Management of worldwide projects and programs - from beginning to end
  • Assuring solid phase-oriented venture financing and business partneship
  • Delivery process chain competence - from enterprise incubation until well into operations
  • Providing or procuring industry expertise and consultancy
  • Providing IT collaboration and sourcing solutions for the emerging business or cooperations
Do you want to discuss your ideas for new socio-ecological impact business with us? We will treat your information with utmost confidentiality.
Do you have a business plan that beeds some tweaking and might deliver a base for funding? We can assess it for compliance with special financing programs.

Talk to one of our professionals to get references or to set up the path for an improved human growth and a planetary change for the better.